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Ginger Jones-Robinson

  • Division / Humanities
  • Position / Instructor of Music
  • Education / D.M.A., Doctor of Musical Arts in Voice Performance, University of South Carolina (Candidate)
    M.M., Master of Music in Vocal Performance, University of South Carolina
    B.M.E., Bachelor of Music Education in Choral Studies, University of North Carolina at Greensboro
  • Email / gjones@allenuniversity.edu
  • Phone Number / (803) 376-5708
  • Office Location / Music Office Building - Room 105
Ginger Jones-Robinson joined the Allen faculty in August of 2011.
Teaching Philosophy: Music should be taught in schools because it expresses a range of human emotions that transcend cultural, historical, and language barriers.  Music allows students the opportunity to explore history, literature, and their own expression in a way that may not be possible in other academic arenas.  Music creates well-rounded individuals, critical thinkers, and opens the door to many new experiences.   Through learning and rationalizing, expressing and valuing the music, as well as its substance, kids learn how to evaluate life for themselves.  They can look critically at what they are learning, rationalize what they believe to be true, express their opinions in a positive way, and are able to value what their conclusions which have been drawn from their own learning and personal experiences.  
Since the uniqueness of the aesthetic experience is inherent in all humans, the pursuit of learning in music is worthwhile for all students, not only those with special talents.  I believe all students have musical aptitude and should therefore have the opportunity to develop their individual abilities.  All grade levels need to be exposed to music, whether in a kindergarten general music classroom or a senior in high school.
Academic Memberships: National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS), College Music Society (CMS)
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