Dr. Steffani Driggins

  • Division / Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  • Position / Division Chair
  • Education / Ph.D, Biological Sciences, Tennessee State University
  • Email /
  • Phone Number / (803) 376-5734
  • Office Location / Gibbs Hall, Room 303

Dr. Steffani Driggins joined Allen University as an assistant professor of biology in the Department of Biology in 2012. She then accepted the position of the Chair of the Division of Mathematics and Natural Sciences in 2013. Prior to working at Allen University, Dr. Driggins taught anatomy/physiology to nursing students and introduction to biology in the Department of Biology at Belmont University. She also completed a postdoctoral research fellow position at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. As a postdoctoral research fellow, Dr. Driggins conducted micro-ultrasound imaging research using ovarian cancer models and micro-MRI imaging research using brain cancer models in the Department of Radiology and Radiological Sciences.

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