Dr. Oluwole Ariyo

  • Division / Mathematics and Natural Science
  • Position / Associate Professor of Biology
  • Education / Postdoc. Molecular Biology, University of South Carolina, SC, USA: 2005-2006. Ph.D. Plant Molecular Virology, University of Ibadan: 2004. M.S. in Plant Pathology at University of Ibadan: 1998. B.S. in Crop Protection & Environmental Biology at University of Ibadan: 1995. Project Management certificate: University of South Carolina: 2014
  • Email /
  • Phone Number / (803) 376-5771
  • Office Location / Gibbs 209

Dr.  Oluwole Ariyo, an Associate Professor of Biology joined Allen University in 2006 and served as Chair, Division of Mathematics and Natural Sciences between 2009 and 2011. Prior to that, he was the Biology Coordinator for two years (2007 – 2009). He is currently the Chair, Allen University Curriculum Committee and the Lead person for Institutional Review Board (IRB). His current research focuses on the expression patterns of microRNAs under different stress conditions and developmental stages in rice, corn and wheat. Dr. Ariyo has mentored over 120 undergraduate students in research. Recently one of his research presentations with a student on Nitrogen Oxide concentrations within the United States was recognized and requested to be presented as a Workshop/Training session at the National Environmental Justice Conference, which was held in Washington DC, March 2016.  He has been a Principal Investigator on many grants. Therefore, he has a wealth of experience when it comes to grant writing. He is also a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI). Dr. Ariyo loves to sing and play guitar. He believes strongly that integrating research and hands-on activities into teaching is a pragmatic approach to ensure significant students learning outcomes and skills acquisition.

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