Dr. Kareem R. Muhammad

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Kareem R. Muhammad teaches a variety of Sociology and Criminology courses at Allen University. His research is focused on the intersection of culture and race, with a specific interest in hip-hop subculture’s preeminent role in informing the contemporary black public sphere. “Mic Checks and Balances: Politically Conscious Hip-Hop’s Engagement with the Presidency of Barack Obama,” for example, examines how some of rap music’s more militant voices have been far more reluctant to spew anti-presidential lyrical bars now that a black man has ascended to the Oval Office in spite of Obama sharing some foreign policies with his presidential predecessor. And in “Pearly Whites: Minstrelsy’s Relationship to Contemporary Rap Music,” Dr. Muhammad illuminates how the Rap Industrial Complex has employed black-faced white supremacists to promote neoliberal orthodoxy.

After receiving his Masters in Journalism from Northwestern University, and a B.A. in Technical Writing at Chicago State, he pursued his Ph.D. at the University of Illinois in Sociology. Kareem is also the CEO of Illanoyze, Inc ( a hip-hop media, promotion and fashion company founded in Chicago. He and his two business partners began the company in 1998 to provide an array of services to the disenfranchised in the form of clothing, shelter, entertainment and information. From 2006-2011, Kareem hosted “Noyzemakers: The Talk Show of Hip-Hop, Politics and Entertainment” on Chicago’s CAN-TV. He has published a sociological novel, Quiet Riots, as well as several academic and journalistic articles that have examined hip-hop culture’s relationship with the larger society.

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