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Dr. Chayah Cooper-Stoneberg

  • Division / Humanities
  • Position / Assistant Professor
  • Education / Ph.D., University of South Carolina, 2013
    Master's Degree, Psychology, New York University, 2005
    Bachelor's Degree, Ethnic Studies, University of Oregon, 2001
  • Email / cstoneberg@allenuniversity.edu
  • Phone Number / (803) 765-6043
  • Office Location /

Chayah Stoneberg has been an Assistant Professor of English Literature at Allen University since 2013. Her area of research is in Thanatology — the study of death and dying. She is currently working on a book manuscript on literary tropes of death and dying in 20th century African American literature.

She came into the study of death and dying through the field of social work, wherein she served on a palliative care team to reduce suffering for those with a terminal prognosis through the use of the Humanities and arts-based interventions.

Dr. Stoneberg’s interest in the relationship between feminism and popular aesthetics, including those present in Hip Hop arrive out of her ongoing research on the intersections of power and art in our experience of life and death.

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