Spearen Invited to Cengage Advisory Board

Portrait of Dr. Charlene Spearen

Dr. Charlene Spearen, vice president for the Division of Academic Affairs, was selected to serve on the Customer Advisory board for Cengage, a leading digital learning company that provides online learning programs, college textbooks, ebooks and other digital products.

Spearen will join a selection of 12 members who represent colleges and universities, as well as industry representatives in the field of higher education.  Members invited to serve on the board are influencers from their respective areas whose feedback and involvement will be invaluable toward the enhancement of Cengage product offerings and innovative technology-driven teaching tools.

“I am pleased to serve on the Cengage Customer Advisory board. As a smaller historically Black university that is serving first generation students, we want to make sure that the journey for our students is supported in the best way possible. It’s important that Allen University sits at the table and has a voice for its faculty and for it students,” said Spearen.

The previous academic year, Allen partnered with Cengage to provide digital textbooks and other learning resources to students as well as access to engaging teaching tools for faculty. Access to the educational content is provided at no cost to students, making Allen University one of the first textbook-free campuses in the nation.

According to Spearen, an added value to serving on the advisory board, is having the opportunity to network and discuss the challenges and successes in higher education with peers.

Spearen said participation on the board will allow for conversations focused on university benchmarks for student success, for exploring cutting-edge pedagogical strategies and for ensuring students are technologically savvy and prepared for either post-graduate work or trained to begin their professional careers.

Spearen will attend her first meeting with the advisory board on Sept. 16 in Atlanta, Ga. During the networking event, among the topics of discussion, board members will consider the state of higher education and share institutional drivers and priorities.