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The Career Planning and Placement Center provides on-going services during the entire period of a student’s involvement with the University. The Center also offers up-to-date career planning information, assistance with selection of a major field of study, self-assessment and evaluation, individual appointments for career counseling, part-time job opportunities, company information sessions from corporate representatives, internships and volunteer opportunities, job listings and workshops on cover letter and resume writing, interviewing skills, mock interviews, job search strategies, dining etiquette and dressing for success.

Online Career Services Access

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The Career Planning and Placement Center sponsors Annual Career Fairs, Graduate School Visitation Day, Etiquette Luncheons and other career development programs to ensure that students’ career aspirations are in sync with the jobs available to them upon graduation. All Career Planning and Placement services and programs are also extended to alumni.

The Career Planning and Placement Center shares many resources with the division chairpersons to keep them current on internships and the job market trends. The Career Planning and Placement Center assist students with job search strategies and ensure that students are well prepared for the workforce. Successful students are those who have taken the initiative to stay in touch with the Career Center, participate in career fairs and other extra curricula activities and have participated in some volunteer service. This type of networking brings different kinds of exposure and opportunities to the students and Allen University campus.  Businesses are invited to present information sessions and seminars or other recruitment events.

Career Planning & Placement Mission

The mission of the Career Planning and Placement Center is to support academic programs and to provide services that assist students and alumni in developing, evaluating and implementing career plans that lead to employment and lifelong personal development.  The Center is the liaison between the students, alumni, corporations and government agencies.  All resources are employed to facilitate and enhance the student’s professional development.  The Career Planning and Placement Center’s mission is consistent with the University’s through commitment to the preparation and promotion of learning, character building, leadership skills and service.

 Allen University Mission Statement

Allen University is an academic community, which provides students an opportunity to obtain a baccalaureate degree in liberal arts and professional programs.  The University has a strong unalterable commitment to teaching in delivery of its baccalaureate programs.

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