Campus Police Department

Campus Police Department


Mission Statement

The Allen University Campus Police Department promotes and preserves a safe and secure campus environment by delivering quality service and community safety service in a professional and sensitive manner. The department is committed to the professional growth of its officers, support staff, and the continual development of its relationship with faculty, staff, students, and Residence Life.

In order to provide a safe, lawful, and orderly campus environment, Allen University employs a staff of security officers along with trained police officers. These employed officer’s help to protect the faculty, staff, students, and property of Allen University.

Campus Police Department contact number

Kelvin C. Davis
Director of Campus Police Department
Allen University

The Allen University department of Public Safety is currently comprised of eight officers of
which two are currently certified as class I officers as prescribed by South Carolina law, in
addition all officers are commissioned as a South Carolina Constable under Group I . All officers
under Group I must be certified by the South Carolina Criminal justice Academy.
The Allen University public safety department provides coverage around the clock 365 days per
year. In addition, all officers are allowed to carry firearms and other intermediate weapons such
an O/C spray and batons. Please read academy standards listed
*The South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy began training officers in 1968 and is the only
authorized law enforcement training facility in the State of South Carolina. The Academy has a
mandate to provide basic training for all law enforcement, detention and telecommunications
officers. The Academy also provides advanced / specialized training in understanding Gang
culture, Criminal Domestic Violence, Traffic Safety and Enforcement, Forensics, Behavioral
Science, Defensive Tactics, Emergency Vehicle Operations and the proper handling of Firearms.
In order to participate in any training at the Academy you must first be employed by a state or
local law enforcement agency or detention facility. All candidates must complete training within
the first twelve months of employment. The Academy’s primary goal is to provide the quality
training, knowledge, skills and abilities needed to serve and protect the citizens of South
Carolina while maintaining a continuous certification process.