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Living on campus gives students an academic edge.  According to the American Council on Education, studies show students who reside on campus have:

☑  Higher grade point averages.
☑  Higher degree of satisfaction.
☑  Higher retention and graduation rates.
☑  Are more likely to succeed in college.
☑  Are more likely to complete a bachelor’s degree in 4 years.
☑  Have a more positive self-image.
☑  Are in more extracurricular activities.

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We’re so glad you have joined the Yellow Jacket family, and we look forward to you making one of our four residence halls your new home. Living on campus will be a new experience, one full of excitement in which you will build  life-long relationships with new friends and enjoy convenient access to campus events and activities.

To help get you settled into your new home, read our FAQ to get answers  for questions you may have.  If you have additional questions, contact Oveta Glover, director of Residential Life and Health Services, at

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