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Allen University Celebrates Constitution Day

September 15, 2016 was Constitution Day!

In commemoration of the day, the American Government Class devoted an entire class to recognizing its importance both in the present day, and past.

In recent weeks, the pocket version of the Constitution has become the best-selling book on Amazon. The class learned that this occurred after Khizr Khan, the Muslin-American lawyer whose son was killed while serving in Iraq, pulled out a copy from his jacket pocket at the Democratic National Convention and offered to lend it to the Republican presidential candidate. Students heard the moving words of the father when he made the offer.

The American Government class also learned about one of the Constitution’s strongest advocates. Alexander Hamilton, an immigrant who was orphaned at an early age, later wrote The Federalist as a collection of essays promoting the ratification of the Constitution. His life story has become the subject of the hit Broadway musical “Hamilton”. Students heard some of the music, as well as President Obama’s remarks before a performance of “Hamilton at the White House” when he praised the man who is “just like his country, young, scrappy, and hungry” and concluded by saying that “[‘Hamilton’] reminds us that this nation was built by more than just a few great men, and is an inheritance that belongs to all of us.”