Satisfactory Academic Progress

Federal regulations require that all federal financial aid recipients be enrolled in a degree-seeking program and maintain satisfactory academic progress toward a degree to maintain eligibility. Allen University complies with this requirement by monitoring each aid recipient’s cumulative grade point average (GPA), completion rate, and maximum time frame for completion of a degree. The following describes Allen’s method for monitoring each of these measures.



At Allen University, a student is making satisfactory academic progress toward the completion of his or her degree if the student is meeting the following standards:

Credit Hours Attempted
including: Repeats,
W’s and F’s

Minimum Cumulative
Grade Point Average

Required Completion
Rate for All Credit
Hours Attempted

Freshman (up to 29 credit hours) 1.60 67%
Sophomore (30-59 credit hours) 1.70 67%
Junior/Seniors (60 credit hours and above) 2.00 67%












Time Frame: Recipients of federally funded financial aid must complete their program within 150% of their program’s required units. For example, a student in a 120 unit program must receive his/her degree within 180 units.

Remedial Courses: Up to 12 hours of remedial course work may be included in determining the maximum allowable credit hours.

Repeated Courses:
 Repeated courses are added into hours attempted but not hours completed.

Withdrawal Courses: Classes that are withdrawn from are added into attempted hours but not hours completed.  Enrollment of less than 6 credit hours may affect financial aid eligibility.

All financial aid recipients will be permitted to receive at least two semesters of financial aid before an evaluation of credit hours is rendered.  Otherwise, a review of his or her grade point average and the number of credit hours earned will be completed either annually or after every two semesters of study.

If after two semesters of study a student is failing to make satisfactory academic progress, he or she will be placed on financial aid probation for the next two semesters of study. During the financial aid probation period, the student is considered to be making satisfactory academic progress and remains eligible for federal student aid.

At the end of two semesters of study or at the end of the academic year of a probationary period, if the student has not improved his or her cumulative grade point average to an acceptable level, he or she will be terminated from the financial aid program at Allen University. The suspension or termination of federal assistance will occur immediately following the term in which the student was deemed not making satisfactory academic progress.

In addition, if it is determined that it is impossible for a student to graduate within the maximum time frame allotted for completing his or her academic program, the student will become ineligible to receive federal student aid.

Appeal Procedures
A student determined ineligible for financial aid due to unsatisfactory academic progress may appeal the decision.  Appeals for consideration of aid for the Fall Semester must be filed by July 15th of the academic year for which you plan to attend. Appeals for consideration of aid for the Spring Semester must be filed by December 15th of the academic year for which you plan to attend.