Cost of Attendance

Individual costs vary according to differences in course of study, residency status, dependency status, and spending habits.

Costs are divided into two categories: direct and indirect. Direct costs are paid to the institution and are standard and consistent for each full-time student.  Indirect costs are not paid to the institution and vary by student depending on such factors such as lifestyle, distance from home to campus, and academic major.

In determining financial need, all costs (direct and indirect) are considered in calculating the total Cost of Attendance (COA). Typical  direct costs for a full-time student who contracts for tuition and fees, room and board are as follows:

Direct Costs Indirect Cost & Other Expenses (average)
Tuition $11,540 Books & Supplies $1,000
Housing & Meals (average)* $5,560* Transportation 1,000
Miscellaneous Fees $400 Personal Expenses 800
Direct Costs Total $17,500 Indirect Costs Total $2,800







Allen University will bill students for direct costs.  In most cases students should be prepared to pay for indirect costs, such as books and supplies, upon arrival.

Students living at home or residing off campus may eliminate the housing and meals figure, but add an appropriate amount for housing, meals, miscellaneous and personal expenses, as well as increased travel expenses.