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Academic Records

The academic record (transcript) for an Allen University student is a complete historical listing of all coursework, associated grades and other academic record-related information. The academic record freezes once a student separates from the University. The Academic Record includes the following information:

  • Academic Name – The name that appears on the transcript will be the name reflected in the student information system for the last term in which the student was enrolled.
  • Academic Record -The official transcript includes all coursework at Allen University.
  • Class Ranking – Allen University does not maintain class ranking.
  • Good Standing – Allen University considers all currently enrolled students to be in good standing.
  • Grade Point Average – Grade point averages are computed and printed on the official transcript.

The University does not maintain major grade point averages (GPAs). To calculate the major GPA, multiply the number of credits for each class included in your major by the grade point equivalent listed below, and divide the total grade points by the total credits (counting only the credits of courses taken for a letter grade). For more information on calculating your GPA, see the Allen University Academic Catalog.

Undergraduate Grades and Grade Points

A 4.000
B 3.000
C 2.000
D 1.000
F 0.000

Special Grade Notations

Actual Grade Transfer Credit Received (Transient)
W Withdrew without Penalty
WF Withdrew failing
WP Withdrew passing
I Course work incomplete
TR Course Transferred

Enrollment Verification

The Office of the Registrar will provide a letter of enrollment verification for insurance purposes, military I.D. card, student loans, etc. Enrollment verification is free to students; however, if you have a financial obligation to the university, your enrollment verification will not be released.

If a student is co-enrolled at another institution during the same semester he or she is enrolled at Allen University, only the hours enrolled at Allen University can be used for enrollment certification purposes.

Enrollment verifications must be picked up from the Office of the Registrar (photo I.D. required) or you can request that the verification be mailed or faxed.

Accessing Enrollment Verification

An official Verification of Enrollment will be available from the Office of the Registrar within 5-7 business days of clearance from the business office, except for summer terms. Summer terms will be available in 3 business days from clearance from the business office.

This chart indicates the credit hours required to be certified as full-time or part-time for undergraduate students for fall, spring and summer terms.

Determine Your Enrollment Status
Level Current Registration In Semester Hours Semester / Term Status
Undergraduate 12+ Any Term Full-time
Undergraduate 11.9 to 6 Any Term Half-time
Undergraduate Less than 6 Any Term Less than Half-time

Requesting a Transcript

To request an official transcript, please complete an official Registrar Transcript Request Form (available  in the Office of the Registrar or on the University’s website).  The fee  $10 for each transcript requested. Allen University accepts checks, cashier’s checks, and money orders.

The University also accepts credit and debit card transactions. Please contact the business office at (803)765-6029 for more information on debit/credit card payments. The fee must be paid to Allen University’s Business Office prior to issuing a transcript.

Complete a separate official transcript request form for each address to which you want your official transcript sent.

Same day official transcript service is available in EMERGENCY situations via Federal Express. There is an extra charge for this service.

Note: No transcript will be furnished to any student whose financial obligations to the University have not been met.

Unofficial Transcripts

Students who are currently enrolled at Allen University can print unofficial transcript using their IQWeb account. Students can access their accounts by logging onto Unofficial transcripts are not available to persons who are not currently registered as a student at Allen University.

Should you require additional information on obtaining an official or unofficial transcript, contact the Office of the Registrar at (803) 376-5737

Address/Name Changes

A request to change a student’s address must come from the student. Currently enrolled students may come to the office to complete an address change form. Former students may mail a written request with the changes and the student’s signature. Name changes require legal documentation of the change. The Office of the Registrar is the only office on campus that can change an address or name.


Q: My mom’s job needs to know whether or not I am enrolled in school. Where do I go?

A: You need is an Enrollment Verification; request one in the Office of the Registrar.

Q: As a parent, can I get my child’s grades?

A: Yes if the student has a signed Student Release Form on file. If the student has not signed a release of information, no information can be given. The unauthorized release of information is prohibited by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). For more information on FERPA visit

Q: Does Allen University mail transcripts at the end of the semester?

A: No. In an effort to “go green” Allen University has instituted a paperless initiative. Students have access to their transcript information via Self Serve. Please check the catalog for more detailed information.

Q: How do I withdraw from the University?

A: Students must complete a University Withdrawal Form for the departure to be official. See Academic Catalog for more information.

Q: How do I get a copy of my degree curriculum?

A: A degree curriculum can be printed from the Academic Catalog. If your academic entry year is not available online, pick up a copy from the Office of the Registrar.