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Develop Skills

Students who obtain the degree in Religion with a concentration in Religious Studies can use their degree in the same way other liberal arts degree programs are used. Students with a liberal arts degree not only develop skills employers are looking in the areas of communication, initiative and motivation, analytical ability and teamwork, but students can also pursue most professional and graduate programs throughout the country.

Opportunity to Double Major

Students who major in Religious Studies will receive a basic understanding of research in academic disciplines focusing on religious issues. Many Religious Studies majors can be double-majors which provide them with a strong disciplinary focus and broader understanding. Students who graduate from the Religious Studies program can also pursue graduate study.

Students who obtain the degree in Religion with a concentration in Pastoral Ministry are prepared to enter professional schools to pursue advanced degrees in ministry, law, medicine, or business.

Overall, the degree in Religion provides students with a liberal-arts education that will enable students to strengthen communication skills, interpersonal and motivational skills, self-confidence, and analytical skills needed in every area of their academic and vocational careers.


  • Religious Studies
  • Pastoral Ministry