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The Humanities Division comprises English and Music.


The English program introduces students to humanistic studies and develops oral and written communication skills. Students develop an understanding of and appreciation for literature by studying the history and structure of language. Faculty also provide instruction in professional writing.


  • Literature
  • Professional Writing


The music department offers courses leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree in music with concentrations in instrumental (strings, woodwinds, brass and percussion) piano, voice. In addition, the music department offers a minor in music in these areas. Music students become versed in music history, theory, and performance. All students are encouraged to take music classes for aesthetic, cultural and artistic development.


  • Instrumental (strings, woodwinds, brass, or percussion)
  • Piano
  • Voice

Audition Requirements

Piano Concentration

  • Major / Minor Scales and Arpeggios (up to 4 octaves)
  • Two contrasting works from different periods
  • Sight-reading

Instrumental Concentration

  • Twelve major scales
  • Rudiments (percussionist only)
  • Two contrasting solos
  • Sight-reading

Voice Concentration

  • Two contrasting pieces
  • Sight-reading