Allen University (AU) is a comprehensive liberal arts institution committed to active learning through excellence in teaching, faculty and student scholarship, research, creative activities, and service.

A Broad Foundation

The university offer degrees in the arts and sciences including disciplines of science, Math, Computer Science, Social Science, Business, Religion, English and Music. All degrees are grounded in a liberal arts and sciences curriculum designed to provide students with the educational background necessary to succeed in an ever demanding and changing global environment. At AU we believe knowledge and understanding complex issues are enhanced when students can make connections between sister disciplines. This means that students begin their college experience by taking classes in many different subjects and building skills that are geared toward more than just training in one profession. Our students make exciting discoveries where disciplines overlap and concepts and solutions from one field of study are applied to problems in another.

Skill-Based Education

By studying the liberal arts and sciences, students develop strong critical thinking skills, problem solving techniques, and communication skills. Students steeped in the liberal arts and sciences gain greater mental flexibly, learn to think across multiple domains, and are able to communicate effectively. These are skills employers say they value most.

Career Readiness

In today’s labor market, career paths are changing and new career options are being created at a an unbelievable fast rate of speed. Thus, graduates who can draw from a variety of skillsets to adapt to challenges and capitalize on opportunities, be it pursuing graduate studies or entering the professional work force undoubtedly have the greatest advantage. A commitment to provide major fields of study in conjunction with a foundation in the liberal arts and sciences is at the core of Allen University.

Beyond the Classroom

Yet not all of our students’ learning takes place in the classroom, the living and learning spaces at A.U extends well beyond the classroom. Through undergraduate research projects, real-world experience, international study opportunities, and engaged learning practices, a student at AU is provided with opportunities to explore, understand and master their interest areas in depth. Grounded in moral and ethical decisions, the legacy of this stellar institution, and the doctrine of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, this is an educational approach that prepares students for a successful life, professional success, global understanding, and civic engagement.

Concentrations and Majors

Allen University offers a comprehensive array of degree programs and concentrations. Five divisions offering eight majors and twenty-two concentrations/minors demonstrate there is almost no limit to what you can learn here.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Biology/ No Concentration
  • Biology with a Concentration in Pre-Health or Environmental Science.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry/ No Concentration and
  • Chemistry with a Concentration in Biochemistry, Pre-Pharmacy, or Forensic Science.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics

  • Bachelor of Science degree in Math/ No Concentration and
  • Math with a Concentration in Computer Science or Pre-Engineering.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration

  • Straight Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration/No Concentration
  • Concentration in Organizational Management, Entrepreneurship, Accounting, or Banking and Finance.

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Religion

  • Straight Bachelor of Arts Degree in Religion
  • Concentration in Pastoral Ministry

Bachelor of Arts Degree in English

  • Concentration in Literature or Professional Writing
  • Minor in Business Writing

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music

  • Voice
  • Piano
  • Instrumental

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Science

  • Straight Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Science
  • Concentrations in African-American Studies, Criminal Justice, Human Services, or Pre-Law