Honors Program

Honors Program Benefits

Membership in the Honors Program entitles Honors Scholars to:

  • Designated Honors Center
  • Small, specially designed and enriching courses
  • Honors Program experience planning appointment (prior to program entry)
  • Advisement for curricular planning, co-curricular activities and career goals
  • Creative inquiry beginning freshman year ending with capstone senior thesis project

As an Honors Scholar, you will receive special recognition at Graduation, University Awards Day, and enjoy priority registration.

What types of students should apply?

Allen University Honors students have excelled in high school and seek out academic challenges. We welcome entering students who have had AP classes, a GPA of 3.25 or higher, and ACT scores of 21 or higher to apply.

Current freshman and sophomores with an established college GPA of 3.25, completed COMPASS Test, and faculty recommendation are also encouraged to apply.

How does one apply?

The application process includes an essay, two letters of recommendation, a high school transcript, ACT scores of 21 or higher, and a declared major.

Honors Education

Allen University Honors Students receive special instruction in honors designated courses and seminars. Honors students will also complete a capstone research project within the honors scholars’ discipline. The special education received is designed to continue to stimulate and challenge motivated students.

Education also goes beyond the classroom with opportunities for conference attendance, community outreach, and experiential learning. Honors students engage in sustainability and campus beautification projects and focus on advocacy, activism and art via its Artist After Dark series.