Division of Humanities

The Humanities Division comprises English, Music, and Social Science.


The English program introduces students to humanistic studies and develops oral and written communication skills. Students develop an understanding of and appreciation for literature by studying the history and structure of language. Faculty also provide instruction in professional writing.


  • Literature
  • Professional Writing


The music department offers courses leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree in music with concentrations in piano, voice, saxophone or trumpet. Music students become versed in music history, theory, and performance. In addition, all Allen students are encouraged to take music classes for aesthetic, cultural and artistic development.


  • Instrumental
  • Piano
  • Voice

Social Science

The social science department offers courses drawn from anthropology, geography, history, political science, social work, and sociology to both majors and non-majors.


  • Human Services
  • Pre Law

Allen University Writing Center

The Allen University Writing Center offers assistance to all students at any stage of the writing process. Classroom visits and classroom workshops are available. Faculty, please email Ms. Guice at or Emily Murray at  to schedule a class visit.