Steeped in Tradition

Created out of the African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Church’s desire to educate newly freed slaves, Allen University was founded in 1870 as a private, Christian, liberal arts, Historically Black College and University (HBCU).

Fully Accredited

Allen University is named after Richard Allen, the founder of the AME Church. Allen University, recognized as the first university in South Carolina founded by African Americans for the education of African Americans, is also the first university named after an African American.

While the initial focus of Allen University was training ministers and teachers, the university has grown over the years to train and equip graduates in other academic areas. The university is committed to providing the highest quality of instruction to its students.

Dedicated to Student Achievement

Today, Allen University has grown to offer 21 concentrations in eight academic majors including mathematics and natural sciences, humanities, business administration, religion, and social sciences. Each member of our teaching faculty has a master’s degree, with many containing PhDs.

Students at Allen University enjoy a tight-knit learning community with a dedicated faculty and access to real-world experiences. Once you step foot on campus, you become part of the Allen family.

Alma Mater

Allen to thee, we lift our hearts and voices,

Allen to thee, life’s choicest gifts we pray,

And ever as we leave thy dear walls and halls so steeped in glory,

Guard well thy children; guard and guide us on our way.

Guard well thy children; guard and guide us on our way.

When other sons so true and daughters loyal,

Shall to their alma maters shout praises free,

We, too, shall ever stand at thy side, and sing aloud forever,

Allen, fair mother, we pledge our love to thee.

Allen, fair mother, we pledge our love to thee.